You can add a personal touch to your computer by changing the computer's colors, sounds, desktop background, screen saver, font size, user account picture, and theme. You can also decide which gadgets you want to appear on Windows Sidebar.

Windows‌ Aero colors

Windows‌ Aero is the premium visual experience of this version of Windows. It features a transparent glass design with subtle window animations and new Start menu, taskbar, and window colors. For more information on Windows‌ Aero, see What is Windows‌ Aero?

Here are some examples of the new colors available with Aero:

Picture of window frame colors
Window frame colors

To learn how to change colors in Windows, see Change the colors on your computer.


You can change the sound your computer makes when you receive e‑mail, start Windows, or shut down your computer. For more information, see Change computer sounds.

Desktop background

The desktop background, also called wallpaper, is a picture or design on the desktop. It provides a backdrop to your open windows. For more information, see Change your desktop background (wallpaper).

Screen saver

A screen saver is a picture or animation that appears on the screen when you haven't used the mouse or keyboard for a set period of time. Windows includes a variety of screen savers to choose from. For more information, see Change screen saver.

You can create a personalized screen saver by displaying selected pictures and videos as a slide show.

To use pictures as a slide show

  1. افتح "إعدادات شاشة التوقف" بالنقر فوق الزر ابدأصورة الزر "ابدأ", وبالنقر فوق لوحة التحكم, وبالنقر فوق المظهر والتخصيص, وبالنقر فوق إضفاء طابع شخصي, ثم بالنقر فوق شاشة التوقف.

  2. Click the Screen saver list, and then click Photos.

  3. If you want to specify a location for the pictures you want to use in your screen saver, modify the slide show speed, or configure any other screen saver settings, click Settings. After you make your changes, click Save.

  4. Click OK.

Font size

You can make the text, icons, and other items on your screen easier to see by increasing the dots per inch (DPI) scale to make them larger. You can also decrease the DPI scale to make text and other items on your screen smaller, so that more information fits on the screen. For more information, see Make the text on your screen larger or smaller.

User account picture

A user account picture helps identify your account on a computer. The picture is displayed on the Welcome screen and on the Start menu. You can change your user account picture to one of the pictures included with Windows, or you can use your own picture.

Picture of an account picture on the Start menu
An account picture on the Start menu

For more information, see Choose a picture for your user account and Start menu.


A theme is a collection of visual elements that can affect the style of windows, icons, fonts, colors, and sometime sounds. You can search for themes online, or you can buy them in theme packs at stores that sell software that is compatible with Windows. For more information, see Change desktop theme.

Windows Sidebar

Windows Sidebar provides a way to organize the information, games, and tasks that you want to access quickly without cluttering your workspace. It's made up of gadgets, which are customizable mini-programs that can display continuously updated headlines, a picture slide show, contacts, and more, without having to open a new window.

Picture of Windows Sidebar and gadgets
Windows Sidebar and gadgets

For more information, see Windows Sidebar: frequently asked questions and Customize Windows Sidebar.