Pinned Sites

Get to your favourite sites faster with Pinned Sites

With Pinned Sites, you can get to your favourite sites directly from the Windows 7 taskbar – without having to open Internet Explorer first.

Pinning a site takes seconds: click on the icon to the left of the web address in One Box or the tab for the website or the website's icon on the New Tab page, then drag it to the taskbar. That's it. Once a site is pinned, it shows up as its own thumbnail, separate from Internet Explorer. Now all it takes is one click to get to your favourite website.

Each site that's pinned to the taskbar has a Jump List. Some also have thumbnail preview controls like playing or pausing a video, which you'll see underneath the thumbnail preview. And some sites you pin have icon overlays, which provide information about the status of a website, such as the number of new messages in your inbox.

By pinning a site, the site is at the centre of the experience, not the browser. When a pinned site is launched from the taskbar, the browser frame and navigational controls integrate the site's icon and primary colour, providing an experience that's tailored to the site you're viewing.

You can also add additional home page tabs for each site you pin. That way, when you open a site that's pinned you can open several web pages or websites all at once. To add additional home page tabs to a pinned site, navigate to the web page or website that you want to add as a home page tab, right-click the pinned website's icon to the left of the Back button, then click Add as a home page.