Finding devices that work with Play To

To enjoy streaming photos, music and videos from apps and the web, you need to use devices that work with Play To. Several manufacturers offer devices that have earned compatibility certification to make sure you have a great experience streaming. Devices compatible with Play To carry this logo:

Windows 8 and Windows RT Play To compatibility logo

Manufacturers of devices that play music, pictures and videos

Some devices can play a variety of content. Here are some manufacturers that offer compatible devices which you can use to stream music, pictures and videos:

  • Xbox 360

  • Samsung

  • Sony

  • Western Digital

Manufacturers of devices that play only music

If you're looking for a device that just plays music, here is a manufacturer that offers compatible devices you can use:

  • Aperion Audio

Other Play To devices you can use

When you use Play To in Windows Media Player or File Explorer, you can also stream to devices that are DLNA certified (Digital Living Network Alliance) or that carry the Windows 7 compatibility logo. You can check the Windows 7 Compatibility Center for info about Play To devices that have this logo.

If you're having problems streaming to a Play To device, see Tips for solving problems with Play.

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