What shapes can I use for my picture password?

Your picture password consists of a picture you've chosen and three gestures that you draw directly on the screen. The three gestures can be any combination of circles, straight lines and taps. The size, position and direction of your gestures, and the order in which you draw them, become part of the picture password. To sign in, you'll need to repeat the same three gestures on your picture in the same sequence.

When you're drawing your gestures for the first time, they're outlined on the screen to help you remember them. Windows interprets a wavy or curved line as a straight line, so even if you try to draw a wavy line, the outline will appear straight. So, it's a good idea to stick with straight lines, circles and taps.

Wavy line shown as a straight line
The wavy line shown on the left is added to your picture password as a straight line like the one shown on the right.
Four gestures limited to three
You can't create a picture password with the four gestures shown on the left, but you can with the three gestures shown on the right.

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