Using Windows Flip 3D

With Windows Flip 3D, you can quickly preview all of your open windows (for example, open files, folders, and documents) without having to click the taskbar. Flip 3D displays your open windows in a stack. At the top of the stack, you'll see one open window. To see other windows, you can flip through the stack.

Picture of Windows Flip 3D
Windows Flip 3D

To switch windows using Flip 3D

  1. Click the Switch between windows button Picture of the Switch between windows button on the taskbar to open Flip 3D.
  2. Click a window in the stack to display that window, or click outside the stack to close Flip 3D without switching windows. You can also rotate the wheel on your mouse to quickly cycle through the open windows.


  • You can also open Flip 3D by pressing CTRL+Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key+TAB. You can then press TAB to cycle through the windows. (You can also press RIGHT ARROW or DOWN ARROW to cycle forward one window, or press LEFT ARROW or UP ARROW to cycle backward one window.) Press ESC to close Flip 3D.

Flip 3D is part of the Windows Aero experience. If your computer does not support Aero, or if you are using a color scheme other than Windows Aero, you can view the open programs and windows on your computer by pressing ALT+TAB. To cycle through the open windows, you can press the TAB key, press the arrow keys, or use your mouse.