What is the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool?

You can use the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool to collect information about problems you might be experiencing with your computer. You can then use the tool to send the information to Microsoft Support over the Internet. If you contact Microsoft Support as part of a support request, your support professional might ask you to use the tool to help determine the cause of the problem. The tool can help Microsoft Support solve problems more efficiently than by diagnosing over the phone or by using e-mail.


  • If your version of Windows came installed on your computer, contact your computer manufacturer for assistance. You can find manufacturer support information for your computer on the Help and Support home page. To view this page, click the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then click Help and Support.

To use the tool, follow the instructions from Microsoft Support, and then answer the questions that appear on your screen. Your support professional might provide you with a passkey and an incident number to enter into the tool to identify your information. The tool might prompt you to download additional diagnostic tools and answer some questions. Then the tool will run tests and save the results.

If the computer with the problem is connected to the Internet, you can send the results directly to Microsoft. If the computer with the problem cannot connect to the Internet, you can use a different computer to save the diagnostic tool to removable storage (such as a USB flash drive), transfer the removable storage to the computer with the problem, and then run the tests on that computer. When the tests are finished, save the results to the removable storage, and then return it to the first computer to send the results. The information you send to Microsoft is encrypted and secure.