Why can’t I use Easy Connect with Windows Remote Assistance?

Easy Connect is an easy way to use Windows Remote Assistance to connect two computers that are running Windows 7 without the need to send an invitation file. The first time you use Easy Connect, the person requesting assistance receives a password to give to the person offering assistance. With this password, the helper can directly connect the two computers. Once a connection between the two computers has been made using Easy Connect, contact information is exchanged between the computers.

Here are some common reasons for problems you might run into when trying to use Easy Connect.

  • Both computers aren't running Windows 7. In order to use Easy Connect with Remote Assistance, both of the computers must be running Windows 7.

  • Access to the Internet is limited. If access to the Internet is limited on either computer, Easy Connect is disabled. Internet access might be limited if you’re on a corporate network.

  • Your router doesn't support Easy Connect. Easy Connect uses the Peer Name Resolution Protocol to transfer the Remote Assistance invitation over the Internet. You can check your router by using the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool on the Microsoft website. If you're running Windows Server, you need to install the Peer Name Resolution Protocol.