How to upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8

Billing address screen in the Upgrade Assistant

Purchase Windows 8

If Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant tells you that your PC meets system requirements and is able to run Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro, you can buy the upgrade by following the on-screen steps. You'll see current pricing in the Upgrade Assistant, or you can go to the Buy Windows page.

To run Upgrade Assistant if you haven't yet, tap or click the Get started button on the Buy Windows page—you don't need to buy the upgrade to run Upgrade Assistant. If you don't want to upgrade online, you can buy the Windows 8 upgrade on DVD from a participating retailer if it's available in your country or region. For info about how to install using a DVD, see How to perform a clean installation of Windows 8.

Review your order

When you get to the Review your order page in Upgrade Assistant, you'll have the option to buy a backup DVD of your upgrade if it's available in your country or region. If you need to reinstall later, you can use the link you'll get in the email receipt after your payment is processed, but if you're worried about losing the email you might want to order the backup DVD. Check the box if you want to add the DVD to your order.

Enter purchase info and offer codes

On the next few steps, you’ll enter in all the regular purchase info like your name and credit card number.

If you have an offer code, you can enter it on the order confirmation screen. The price will change after you tap or click Apply.

Get your receipt and product key

After your order is processed, you'll get an email receipt that includes a product key. If you continue through the upgrade process now, the product key will automatically be entered for you, but be sure to keep the receipt email and product key in a safe place.

Start the download

Tap or click Next and the upgrade will start downloading to your PC. The download usually takes as long as downloading a movie from the Internet, but the time it takes depends on a lot of different factors, including the speed of your Internet connection. You can pause the download at any time, or if you need to stop it and start again later, use the link that appears on your desktop (instead of the link you get in the email receipt). That way, you'll resume the download from where you left off, rather than starting all over again.

If the download isn't working or no Pause button appears, try restarting your PC. Once you've restarted, tap or click the Download Windows link on your desktop to start the download service.

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