Configure CD settings

If you have a compatible CD burner, you shouldn't need to do anything special to get it working under Windows XP. If you're unable to record a CD, check to ensure that the feature is properly configured:

  1. Open My Computer, right-click the CD Drive icon, and then click Properties.

  2. Click the Recording tab to display the settings.

    • If you don't see a Recording tab, then Windows XP doesn't recognize your CD burner's recording capabilities. Check the Windows Hardware Compatibility List to make sure your drive is on the list.

    • Make sure the Enable CD recording on this drive check box is selected. This setting turns on the built-in CD recording features included with Windows XP.

    • Try a slower speed. Instead of choosing the Fastest setting, dial the burning speed back to 18X or even 8X. Your drive may be able to keep up with a less demanding pace.