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Looking for exposure to a global audience? Showcase your art or photography on millions of Windows desktops.



Millions of people a month come to the Windows Personalization Gallery to download themes and wallpapers for their desktops. Send us your art or photography, and we might use it in the gallery, either as a wallpaper (a standalone desktop image) or a full theme (a set of desktop images and colors).

This is your chance to get your work and your name in front of a global audience while retaining full rights to all your images.

Here's how to send us your work:

  • First, please review the guidelines to make sure what you're sending is the right size, the right format, and is appropriate for our site.

  • Send us your work in email. Attach one image per email. If you send five pictures, send five emails.

  • Don't zip or compress your art.

  • Include this info, in English, in each email:

    • Your name (how you want to be credited)

    • A brief description of your art or photo

    • Your preferred contact email name

    • The address of your website, if you have one

  • Click the Submit button below (this will launch your email program if you have one), or just use this address: By emailing your work to this address, you agree to the Terms of Use.

  • Still have questions? Check out the frequently asked questions.

Need ideas?

  • Seasons: Show the transition from one season to another, or celebrate a single season.

  • Water: Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, dewdrops on a leaf, raindrops on a window pane. Use your imagination to bring this liquid element to life.

  • Natural beauty: Whether it’s your neighborhood park down the street or the magnificent national park you visited on vacation, share your photos of the loveliest places on Earth.

  • Animals: From cute kitties to fierce wolves, animals have proven to be very popular with Windows users.

  • Monsters, dragons, and magical creatures: Including but not limited to pixies, gnomes, dryads, zombies, dragons, giant squid, werewolves, and aliens.

These are just suggestions. The sky is the limit. Let your imagination run wild.

By submitting your photo or art to Windows Personalization Gallery, you agree to these Terms of Use.

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