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Performance improvements

Nobody likes to wait. Which is why we designed Windows 7 to be more nimble, efficient, and responsive. Key performance improvements include:


Windows 7 is designed to sleep, resume, and reconnect to your wireless network more quickly.


When hunting for something, you want answers, not delays. In Windows 7, search results pop up faster. Sorting and grouping of search results is also significantly quicker.

USB devices

When you plug in a portable flash drive or other USB device for the first time, Windows 7 can have it ready for you in seconds. If you have used it before, the wait is even shorter.

Better memory use

Windows 7 has under-the-hood tune-ups that can boost your PC's overall speed and performance. It uses less memory when it's idle and less graphics memory when you launch and switch between windows. It's also designed to run background services like Bluetooth only when you need them.

If memory does run low, ReadyBoost can speed up your computer by using storage space on most USB flash drives and flash memory cards.