ASUS VivoTab

USD899 *

Your perfect travel companion has both the mobility of a tablet and the power of a laptop. Keyboard is sold separately.

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Clear? Crystal.

ASUS VivoTab

The ASUS VivoTab’s IPS+ display makes everything from movies to spreadsheets look like a work of art. Beautiful spreadsheets? Imagine that.

Write on

ASUS VivoTab

A thought is a terrible thing to waste. Get it down in writing with the ASUS VivoTab’s stylus. Plus, with Wacom stylus technology, writing on the ASUS VivoTab feels as natural as good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Broaden your horizons

ASUS VivoTab

Transform the ASUS VivoTab into a desktop in no time flat. Just set it on the keyboard and bring ASUS VivoTab’s versatility to life—and also increase the tablet’s battery life at the same time. Plus, with an Intel Atom processor the VivoTab is on in an instant and always up to date with connected standby, so your mail and apps stay in sync and are ready when you are.

It’s beautiful

ASUS VivoTab

With the ASUS VivoTab, beauty is more than skin deep—you get great looks and great performance in one PC.

Tech specs

Battery life

Up to 8 hours


1.54 lbs


11.58" x 7.43" x 0.34"

Screen size and resolution

11.6”, 1366 x 768



Hard drive size

64 GB


2 GB


Intel Atom Processor


Integrated graphics

All technical specs have been provided by the PC manufacturer. Technical specs, including variations in color, vary by retailer and by country or region.

Intel Atom processor based PCs are instantly on and always up to date with connected standby, so your mail and apps stay in sync and are ready when you are. These PCs work with both desktop apps like Office and apps from the Windows Store.

* Final specifications and price may vary at retail.

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