Change sharing settings for apps and accounts

If you’ve connected your Microsoft account to another account like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can choose what info you want to be shared between the two accounts. For example, if you connect a Facebook account, you can choose to show info like your Facebook contacts' email addresses and birthdays in Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1 apps like Mail, People, and Calendar.

Microsoft won’t share info associated with your Microsoft account without your permission.

To view or change sharing settings for an account you’ve added

  1. Go to the Microsoft account webpage and sign in.

  2. Tap or click Permissions, and then tap or click Manage accounts.

  3. Tap or click Edit by the account you want to review.

  4. Review the settings, make any changes you want, and then tap or click Save or Connect.

For info on how to create a Microsoft account and connect it to other accounts that you use on the web, see Create a user account and How to add an account to your Microsoft account

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