Using a Tablet PC without a keyboard

You may be able to increase your productivity by learning how to use your Tablet PC without a keyboard.

Tablet PC Input Panel

You can enter text without using a standard keyboard by using Tablet PC Input Panel.

The writing pad and the character pad convert your handwriting to typed text. The on-screen keyboard works just like a standard keyboard, except that you enter text by tapping keys with your tablet pen. For more information about how to use Tablet PC Input Panel, see Write it out: Using Tablet PC Input Panel instead of your keyboard.


  • Handwriting recognition is currently available for English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazil). If you are not using one of these input languages, you can use the on-screen keyboard in Tablet PC Input Panel to enter text without using a standard keyboard.

Pen flicks

Use pen flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily with your pen. You can perform navigational flicks (drag up, drag down, move back, and move forward) and editing flicks (copy, paste, undo, and delete). You can also customize the pen flicks to perform shortcuts that you use every day. For example, if you frequently use keyboard shortcuts, such as F5 or CTRL+B, you can assign pen flicks to do these tasks for you. For more information about pen flicks, see What are pen flicks?

Tablet buttons

The hardware buttons on your Tablet PC (called tablet buttons) provide another way that you can perform common tasks without using a standard keyboard. For example, if you frequently open a program, consider assigning a tablet button to open it for you. For more information about tablet buttons, see What are tablet buttons?

Touch input

If touch input is available on your computer, you can use your finger to do many of the things that you do with a tablet pen. For example, you can move the pointer on the screen, select objects, and open files and folders. For more information, see Using touch input instead of a mouse or a tablet pen.