What are tablet buttons?

You can use buttons on your Tablet PC (called tablet buttons) to perform common tasks. For example, if you frequently open a program, you may want to set a tablet button to do this for you.

Diagram of tablet buttons on a Tablet PC
Tablet buttons

The manufacturer of your Tablet PC sets the default actions of your tablet buttons, but some can be changed to perform a primary and a secondary action. To learn more, check the information that came with your Tablet PC, or go to the manufacturer's website.

Press the button once quickly to perform the primary action. Or, press and hold the button to perform the secondary action. To change what your tablet buttons do, go to Tablet PC Settings in Control Panel. For more information, see Change what a tablet button does.


  • You cannot customize a tablet button to perform the CTRL+ALT+DEL keyboard shortcut. To perform CTRL+ALT+DEL, use the Windows Security button on your Tablet PC. To learn more, check the manufacturer's website or information that came with your Tablet PC.