Using your laptop in meetings

Your laptop can help you be productive when you attend meetings. With a laptop, you can give presentations, compile notes, and even collaborate with colleagues during a discussion. However, it's important to configure your computer properly before you arrive at a meeting so that you don't spend valuable time trying to change the settings.

Before your meeting

Windows Mobility Center is a quick way to change settings. For example, you can adjust the volume, check your network connectivity, and change the brightness of your display. For more information, see Using Windows Mobility Center.

By adjusting the presentation settings, you can automatically turn off the screen saver, prevent system notifications from appearing, change your desktop background image, and adjust the volume level when you start your presentation. For more information on these settings, see Adjust settings before giving a presentation.

Picture of Windows Mobility Center
Windows Mobility Center

Conserve battery power

If you've given a presentation or taken notes on your laptop when it was using the battery, you've probably worried about running out of power before completing the task. When you need to make your battery last longer, use the Power saver plan, which reduces your power consumption by lowering system performance and reducing screen brightness. For more information, see Conserving battery power.

Picture of battery meter showing power plans
Battery meter showing power plans