Add and show lyrics in Windows Media Player

You can add lyrics to music files in Windows Media Player that appear in the Now Playing tab as you play the files. Lyrics can be either static or synchronized: Static lyrics appear all at once as text that you can scroll through as the file plays; synchronized lyrics appear at the times you set as the file plays.

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To add static lyrics

  1. Navigate to a website that includes song lyrics and locate the artist, album, and songs for which you want lyrics. If you can't find the lyrics, or if you want to create your own lyrics, type them in a word processor or text editor.

  2. Select the text of the lyrics and copy it to the Clipboard by pressing CTRL+C.

  3. In the Player, click the Library tab, and then browse to the file that you want to add lyrics to.

  4. Right-click the file, and then click Advanced Tag Editor.

    If the Advanced Tag Editor command is not available, remove the Read Only property from the file. To do so, find the file on your computer, right-click the file, click Properties, and then clear the Read-only check box.

  5. Click the Lyrics tab, and then click Add.

  6. In the Language box, click the language that you want.

  7. Paste the lyrics into the Text box.

To add synchronized lyrics

The easiest way to add synchronized lyrics is to convert a copy of the static lyrics for a song by using Advanced Tag Editor.

  1. Follow the steps in the procedure above to add static lyrics, being sure to press ENTER after each line of verse.

  2. In the Lyrics tab of the Advanced Tag Editor, click Synchronized Lyrics.

  3. Wait for the Player to load the static lyrics data into the timeline area. Each line of static lyrics is assigned a time on the timeline.

  4. Adjust the time values to synchronize the lyrics to the vocals in the song. To do so, click the value in the Time column for a verse, click Edit, and then type a new time value.

    You can test how closely the updated time values match the song's vocals by clicking a time value, and then clicking Play. The song will play starting at the new time. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the synchronization.

  5. To add more lyrics, click Add in the timeline area. A new entry appears in the timeline area with an arbitrary assigned time on the left, and the text Type lyric here on the right.

  6. Add the text you want and synchronize the time to match the vocals.

  7. Add additional lyrics if you want, and then click OK.

  8. Click Apply, and then click OK.

To show lyrics

  1. Click the Play menu, point to Lyrics, Captions, and Subtitles, and then click On if Available.

    If the Play menu is not visible, show the Classic Menus.

  2. Begin playing the file that contains lyrics, and then click Now Playing. The lyrics appear at the bottom of the pane.

    If a file has both captions and lyrics, only the captions are displayed. If a file has both synchronized and static lyrics, the static lyrics are displayed until the time value for the first synchronized verse is reached, then the synchronized lyrics will replace the static lyrics. You can delete the static lyrics if you only want the synchronized lyrics to appear.


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