Change Windows Movie Maker advanced settings

To change advanced settings in Windows Movie Maker, click Tools, click Options, and then click the Advanced tab. On this tab, you can change the following settings:

  • Default durations. Choose the default duration that will be assigned to pictures or transitions when either is added to the storyboard or timeline.

  • Video properties. Choose the aspect ratio and video format you want to use to display your video when it's published, as well as when you preview it in Windows Movie Maker. Usually, you will not need to change the current video format setting, which is based on the Regional and Language Option settings in Control Panel. Aspect ratio determines the ratio between height and width of your video. 4:3 corresponds to a standard TV screen, while 16:9 is more commonly known as widescreen. For more information, see Change the aspect ratio and video format.

  • E‑mail settings. Choose the maximum file size you want to allow if you choose to publish your movie and send it directly as an e-mail attachment.