Create a new file

You can create new files in any program and give each of them a meaningful name to help you organize your work. In most programs, the File menu is where you open, save, and create new files.

  1. Click the File menu in the program you are using, and then click New.

    If you can create more than one kind of file in the program, you might also need to select an item, such as a template, from a list.

  2. When you are finished working with the new file, click the File menu, and then click Save As to name the file and save it on your computer.


  • Depending on the type of file you are using, you might be able to add file properties—such as tags, author names, and ratings—either at the time that you save the file or by using the Details pane. This will make it easier to find the file the next time you need it. For more information, see Add tags or other properties to a file.

  • To create a new file on the desktop or in an open folder, right-click a blank area, point to New, and then click the program name for the kind of file you want to create. After the icon appears, double-click it to open the file and begin working.