Show or hide icons in the taskbar

You can show or hide icons on the Quick Launch toolbar and the notification area (also called the system tray), on the far right of the taskbar.

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To show and hide icons on the Quick Launch toolbar

  1. Point to the Quick Launch toolbar sizing handle.

    Picture of the Quick Launch toolbar, showing the sizing handle


    • If the taskbar is locked, you won't see the toolbar sizing handle. To learn how to unlock the taskbar, see Unlock and move the taskbar.

  2. When the pointer turns into a double-headed arrow Picture of an arrow that indicates the toolbar width is ready to be resized, click it, and then drag the toolbar sizing handle to show or hide more or less of the toolbar.

    If you can't change the toolbar, it's either as small as it gets, or there's not enough room on the taskbar to show more of it.

To show and hide icons in the notification area

  • Click the arrow next to the notification area to show or hide notification area icons.

    Picture of the notification area, showing the Show Hidden Icons button
    Notification area