What are the file types for a recorded audio file?

You can save audio that you record in Sound Recorder so that you can edit the audio file in a sound editing program, transfer and play it back on a portable device, or play the recorded audio file on your computer. The following table shows technical information about audio files.

Audio file type
File name extension
Bit rate (in kilobits per second)
Size of a recorded file (in kilobytes per second)
Sample rate
Approximate file size for 5 minutes of recorded sound

Windows Media Audio


96 Kbps

11 KBps

44.1 kHz

3.5 megabytes (MB)

WAVE form audio format


96 Kbps

1,378 KBps

44.1 kHz

51 MB


  • If you are using Windows Vista Home Basic N or Windows Vista Business N, your Sound Recorder files are saved as .wav files rather than .wma files.