What is a sync partnership?

A sync partnership is a set of rules that tells Sync Center how and when to sync files or other information between two or more locations. A sync partnership typically controls how files sync between your computer and mobile devices, network servers, or compatible programs.

For example, you might create a simple sync partnership that instructs Sync Center to copy every new music file on your computer to your portable music player each time you plug the device into your computer. You might create another, more complex sync partnership to keep a wide variety of files, folders, and other information in sync between your computer and a network server.

The place to create most sync partnerships is on the Sync Setup screen in Sync Center. However, any time you connect a new device to your computer, Windows might ask if you want to create a new sync partnership with that device, provided it detects that the device is compatible with Sync Center.


  • The ability to sync with network folders is not included in Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, and Windows Vista Home Premium.