Set up a Windows Media Center Extender set-top box

When you set up your Media Center Extender set-top box, you're essentially 'registering' the Extender with your Media Center PC on your home network. The Media Center PC, where you store all your entertainment content, will recognize the Extender as an approved user and give it access to all the Extender-supported media.
Here's how to set it up:

Check your network

The PC running Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and the Media Center Extender must be connected to either a wired (Ethernet) or wireless network. Before you continue, the network must be working.

If you have a wired network

  • Connect the Media Center Extender to the network.

If you have a wireless network

  1. You do not need an external wireless adapter or antenna. There is a wireless antenna inside the Media Center Extender.

  2. Some wireless networks use security protocols such as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

  3. Additional information about your network might be required when you run the Setup CD for the Media Center Extender on your Media Center PC.

Unpack and select the cables you want to use

Your extender comes with connecting cables, a remote control, and a guide that will help your through the setup process.

  1. If you have a choice when selecting cables, choose the one that will offer you the best quality. Component cables provide the best picture quality, followed by S-Video cables, and then composite cables. If you do not have separate audio cables, use the audio connectors on the composite cable.

  2. Connect the audio and videos cable from the Media Center Extender to your TV.

  3. Plug the cable from the VIDEO OUT and AUDIO OUT connections on the Media Center Extender to the VIDEO IN and AUDIO IN connections on the TV.

  4. Make sure to connect your video cables and your audio cables in the same input group.

Power up the Extender and your TV

  1. Connect the power cord to the Media Center Extender.

  2. If the Media Center Extender does not start by itself, press the STAND-BY button.

  3. Change the video input on the TV to the same input to which the cables are connected. For example, if you connected the video and audio cables to VIDEO 1, change the TV input to VIDEO.

  4. On either the TV or the TV remote control, look for a button labeled TV/VIDEO (or similar designation, such as VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2). This button should change the video inputs. If you have no picture, press this button and a picture should appear. If you still do not have a picture, press the button again until you do.

Follow the on-screen setup instructions

You'll need to write down your setup key and have the Media Center Extender Setup CD ready.