Add music to your movie

With Windows Movie Maker, you can add any music from your CD collection to your movies.

To add music

  1. Download video from your camera to your computer. To learn how, see Download video from your camera to your computer.

  2. In the Movie Tasks pane, under Capture Video, click Import audio or music. The Import File dialog box will open.

  3. Browse through your files, click the name of the song you want to use in the background, and then click Import. This adds your song to Movie Maker but does not add it to your video.

  4. Drag the song to the video clip where you want the music to start playing. If prompted, click OK.

  5. Movie Maker will show your song on the timeline. You can adjust the length of time your song plays by dragging the right edge. In the Preview Monitor, click Play to watch your movie and listen to the background music.

  6. To adjust the sound, right-click the music on your timeline, and then click Volume. The Audio Clip Volume dialog box will open. Move the slider to the left to make the music quieter, or to the right to make it louder, and then click OK.


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