Transfer video from an analog video camera or VCR to your computer

Trying to transfer footage from an old analog videotape to your computer? You can save time by using the digital video (DV) pass-through feature in Windows Movie Maker. This process allows you to capture the video to Movie Maker without first recording the analog video to a digital video tape.

To transfer video

  1. Connect your components. To connect your analog camera to your digital video camera, you'll need an S-Video wire and stereo RCA connectors, or an RCA cable that has stereo RCA connectors, a composite video connector, and a mini-jack connector. To connect your digital video camera to your computer, you'll need an IEEE 1394 (FireWire) cable.

  2. If there is a tape in the digital video camera, eject it. Set the digital video camera to play recorded video (often labeled VTR or VCR).

  3. In Windows Movie Maker, click the File menu, and then click Capture Video. Or, go to the Movie Tasks pane, click Capture Video, then click Capture from video device.

  4. On the Video Capture Device page, in Available devices, click the appropriate digital video camera.

  5. In the Enter a file name for your captured video box, type a file name, and then, in the Choose a place to save your captured video box, select the location where you want your video to be saved (or click Browse to select a location).

  6. On the Video Setting page, select the video setting you want to use for capturing video and audio.

  7. On the Capture Method page, click Capture parts of the tape manually.

  8. Using the analog video camera or VCR, press Play to begin playing the tape.

  9. In Windows Movie Maker, click Start Capture to begin capturing video.

  10. When the analog videotape reaches the point at which you want to stop capturing, click Stop Capture in Movie Maker.

  11. On the analog video camera or VCR, press Stop.

  12. Repeat the steps for each part of the analog videotape you want to capture. When you have finished capturing the video, click Finish in Movie Maker. The captured content will be imported into a new collection with the same name as the specified video file.