Firefox plug-in installation failed

To run genuine Windows validation, you must download and install a validation plug-in for your Firefox browser called "wgaplugininstall". You will be prompted to download this program, and can choose to either open and run the program, or save it to your PC. If you choose to open and run the program, installation starts automatically. If you choose to save it to your computer, browse to that location and double-click the program to install the plug-in.

Verify the successful installation of the Firefox plug-in

During a successful installation, the plug-in places two files on your system. To verify that these two files are present, do the following:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the folder where you have installed your Firefox browser. For Firefox, the default location is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Browse to the plugins folder under the install folder.

  3. Verify that the file npLegitCheckPlugin.dll is in this folder.

  4. Browse to the components folder under the install folder.

  5. Verify that nsILegitCheckPlugin.xpt file is in this folder.

If the files aren't there, try installing the plug-in again and then repeat these steps.

After the genuine Windows validation plug-in for Firefox has been installed correctly, retry Windows validation to run the test again.