Convert your handwritten notes to text by using Windows Journal

In Windows Journal, you can convert the ink that you write with your tablet pen to typed text, which can be used in other programs or in a note.


To convert handwriting to text in a note

  1. Open Windows Journal by tapping the Start button Picture of the Start button, typing Journal in the search box, and then tapping Windows Journal in the list of results.

  2. On the Pen toolbar, tap Selection ToolPicture of the selection tool.
  3. Draw a loop around the handwriting that you want to convert.

  4. Tap the Actions menu, and then tap Convert Handwriting to Text.

  5. In the Text Correction dialog box, tap Options.

  6. Tap to select or clear the Preserve line breaks from notes option.

    If your selection consists of several lines, these lines are preserved in the Converted text box and in the output text. Select this option if line breaks are important, such as in a list or in a poem. Clear this option if line breaks are unimportant.

  7. In the Converted text box, tap any word that is recognized incorrectly.

    If a word is marked with a green background, it's likely that you need to correct it.

    The handwriting that corresponds to the word appears in the Ink from note box. The handwriting is also selected in your note to provide context for the text that you're correcting.

  8. To correct the recognition error, look for the correct word in the Alternative box. If you find it, tap the word, and then tap Change. If you don't find the correct word, you must enter it using the keyboard or Tablet PC Input Panel, and then tap OK.

  9. In the Text Correction dialog box, select one of the following options:

    • Copy to the Clipboard. This option allows you to paste your text into another program. The handwriting in your note remains unchanged.

    • Insert in the same Journal note. This option inserts your converted text into a text box in your note. Your original handwriting is deleted.

    If you selected the Always copy the text to the Clipboard check box while you were correcting handwriting in the past, this dialog box doesn't appear and your converted text is automatically copied to the Clipboard.

  10. Tap Finish.

For information about how to send converted text from a selection as an e‑mail, see E-mail your handwritten notes using Windows Journal.


  • You can change the settings for handwriting recognition by tapping the Tools menu, tapping the Options dialog box, and then tapping the Other tab.

  • To convert all of the handwriting on a page to text, tap the Edit menu, and then tap Select All to first select all of the handwriting.

  • Journal can't convert ink that was written with the highlighter tool.