What is Device Stage?

Device Stage is a new feature in this version of Windows that works like a home page for select compatible devices and printers. When you connect one of these devices or printers to your computer, Device Stage automatically opens and displays a variety of tasks you can perform in Windows with that device, along with information about the hardware. It gathers everything you can do with your device and puts it all in one place, making tasks easier to find and complete.

Device Stage also lets you sync music, contacts, calendars, and other files and information with a compatible mobile device, as well as perform many other tasks that vary depending on the device. For example, you can create ringtones for a mobile phone, download software updates for some devices, or request customer support from some manufacturers.

To interact with a demo, see Picture of a Play buttonWindows 7 Device Stage demo.
Picture of Device Stage for a mobile phone
An example of Device Stage for a mobile phone