Installation error 0x80070005: You need to log on to Windows as an administrator

You can install Microsoft programs on your computer only if you're logged on as an administrator. If you try to install Windows Essentials while you're not logged on as an administrator, you'll get installation error 0x80070005.

To verify that you're logged on as an administrator

  1. Click the Start button Start button. In the search box, type User accounts, and then, in the results list, click User accounts.
  2. Click Manage User Accounts. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  3. Click the user name that you're currently logged on with. Your account type is shown in the Group column.

  4. If your account type is not Administrator, you can't install Windows Essentials while you're logged on with this user account. You can ask someone who is listed as an administrator to change your account type, or have that person log on and install Windows Essentials for you.

  5. If your account type is Administrator, try again to download and install the programs you want from Windows Essentials.

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