You can share documents, music, pictures, or videos by attaching the files to an e‑mail message.

To send a file in e‑mail

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click the file you want to send in e‑mail, point to Send to, and then click Mail recipient. If you have an e‑mail program installed on your computer, a message will appear with the file attached to it.

    • Open your e‑mail program, and then drag files directly into an open e‑mail message. The files will appear as attachments ready to send.

  2. Finish preparing your e‑mail message, and then click Send.


  • You must have an e‑mail program installed on your computer to send a file in this way. For more information, see Getting started with e-mail and What happened to Windows Mail?

  • Some e‑mail programs block types of files (such as files with the file name extension .exe, .bat, or .reg) that have the potential to be malicious software. If you have trouble sending these types of files, compress them into a zip file first, and then e‑mail the zip file. For more information, see Compress and uncompress files (zip files).

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