Personalize your PC

Windows 8, Windows RT

Personalisation settings in Windows

Change your background, colours, lock screen, and account picture

In Windows 8 and Windows RT, there are a few new places to show your favourite pictures and colours. On the Start screen, you can change the background and colour. The background shows up only on Start, but the colour you pick shows up in a few other places too, like the charms and the sign-in screen. You can also make sure there's a favourite photo waiting to greet you on your lock screen, and choose a few apps to show you info and updates you might have missed while your PC was locked. And you can add some excitement to your account picture — if you have a webcam, you can create a video clip to use instead of a photo. Or if you have photo editing apps, you can use them to add some finishing touches to a photo.

Here's how to try out these new picture and colour options for your lock screen, Start screen, and account picture:

  • Open the Settings charm, and then tap or click Change PC settings.

  • Tap or click Personalise, and then tap or click Lock screen, Start screen, or Account picture to change the options you want.

Themes and desktop backgrounds

All of the personalisation settings you know and love are still here too, and you can still use them to personalise your desktop.

Here's how to check out the brand new themes and desktop backgrounds:

  • Open the Search charm, enter personalisation, and then tap or click Settings.

  • Tap or click Personalisation.

If you don't see something you like, you can download more themes, or even create your own, from this same place.


  • The lock screen can't be turned off in Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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