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Closing your account

When you close your Microsoft account (the email address and password you use with Outlook.com) your email and contacts are deleted from our servers and cannot be recovered. The email address will be released 60 days after you close the account and can then be used by someone else. If you use your MIcrosoft account with other MIcrosoft services, you will no longer be able to access them. Get more info on the effects of Closing a Microsoft account or find out How do I close my Microsoft account?

If your account was closed due to lack of activity

To keep your Outlook.com account active you must sign in to the account at least once every 365 days. After 365 days of inactivity, your email, contacts and account will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

If your account was closed due to questionable account activity

Outlook.com uses anti-spam technologies to identify questionable accounts. If your account is used to send email that triggers spam filters, or to send a large quantity of undeliverable email, the account might be closed.

If you receive an error telling you that your account is closed, you can submit a support request. Go to the email support page. We'll help you recover your account as quickly as possible.

If you receive an error telling you that your account has been temporarily blocked, see Account temporarily blocked

For more help with how to close your account, contact customer support.

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