Pictures in Windows 8.1

There are several things you can do with pictures in Windows 8.1:

  • Take pictures with your PC. Use the Camera app to take photos, videos and panoramas. You can also use Movie Moments to make fun videos to share with friends and family.

  • Import and upload your pictures. Import your pictures from your camera, phone or DVD, or you can automatically upload your pictures and videos to OneDrive.

  • View and edit your pictures. You can use the Camera, Photos and OneDrive apps that are in Windows 8.1 to see your photos and make them even better. You can also install Photo Gallery or search the Windows Store for other photo apps.

  • Use your pictures to personalise your PC. You can use your favourite pictures on your lock screen, picture password, account picture and other places in Windows 8.1. For more information, see Personalising your PC.

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