Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1


Videos help you feel like you’re part of the action, even when you’re far away. Discover how Windows 8.1 helps you take, edit and share videos.

Taking videos with a PC

If your PC has a built-in camera or a connected webcam, you can take videos from your PC with the Movie Moments and Camera apps.

Watching videos

You can watch your favourite TV programmes and films in the Video app from Xbox Video. In this app, you can play films and programmes from your own collection, or rent or buy new ones. You can watch and edit your personal videos in the Movie Moments, Photos, Camera and OneDrive apps.

Making films you’ll love to share

With the Movie Moments app, you can turn any video into a memorable moment you’ll love to share. You can trim your video to your favourite parts, highlight key moments with captions and effects, and set the mood with music. Then, share your finished film from the app.

Importing and editing videos

For videos on your camera or phone, you can use the Photos app to get them onto your PC for easier editing and sharing. Once they're off your camera or phone, there are several built-in Windows apps you can use to trim or delete videos. If you're interested in more advanced editing, search the Windows Store on your PC for other video editing apps, like Movie Moments.

Storing your videos in OneDrive

Enjoy lots of storage space, easy sharing and access to your videos from almost anywhere when you store your videos in OneDrive. You can also set up your camera or phone to automatically upload videos to OneDrive.

Sharing videos

Share them with friends and family directly from the Movie Moments and Photos apps. You can also search for apps in the Windows Store that post to your favourite social networking or video sharing sites. Explore all the ways Windows can fill your life with videos.

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