How do I install Windows Essentials while offline?

If your Internet connection is slow or unreliable, you might want to download an installer file for Windows Essentials and then run the installer when you aren't connected to the Internet. This installation method can also save time if you want to install Windows Essentials on several computers. Once you've downloaded the installer file onto one computer, you can copy it onto others to install Windows Essentials there.

To install Windows Essentials while offline

  1. Use the installer file links provided on this web page to find the one that corresponds to your operating system and language, then click on the link.

  2. When asked if you want to run or save the installer file, click Save, then save the file to your desktop.

  3. To install Windows Essentials on the computer that you're using, click on the wlsetup-all.exe file on your desktop, click Run, then follow the instructions on the screen.


    To install Windows Essentials on a different computer, copy the wlsetup-all.exe file to a portable storage device such as a Flash USB drive, then copy the file to the other computer's desktop. Click on the file, click Run, then follow the instructions on the screen.

Legal information

Before installing Windows Essentials, review the following information.


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