Add a title, author name, and description for a movie

You can add properties such as a title, an author's name, or comments to a project to help you organize projects on your computer. This information, sometimes called metadata, is also saved with your movie when you publish it. Because this information may be displayed in many media players when your movie is opened, do not enter any personal information in the Project Properties dialog box that you do not want others to see. Anyone who has your movie will be able to view the information that you enter. For more information about Windows Movie Maker features that also affect your privacy, see the Windows Movie Maker Privacy Statement.

You can view and set your project's properties in Windows Movie Maker. You can also display project properties in Windows Explorer, and use the properties to organize or search for your projects.

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To add project properties in Windows Movie Maker

  1. Click File and then click Project Properties.

  2. Type any information you want to add, and then click OK.

To view project properties

  1. Click Start, and then click Computer.

  2. Find the folder that contains your Windows Movie Maker project files.

  3. Click the View button, and then drag the slider to choose Details.