Demo: Using the web

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The web is a great way to get information and communicate with others. To use the web, you need to understand how to use a web browser. This demo shows you around the Internet Explorer web browser, including the basics of navigating to a website, searching the web, saving favorite webpages, and using tabbed browsing.

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The World Wide Web is part of the Internet, a network that links millions of computers around the world. The web contains a vast amount of information, which you can access from your computer using a web browser. Here are a few tips for using the Internet Explorer web browser to get around the web.

Like other Windows programs, you can start Internet Explorer from the Start menu. There are millions of websites across the web, and each one has a unique address, or URL.

You can visit a site by typing its address here in the Address bar. Then you click this button. Notice how the website displays in the browser?

This is the website's main page—or home page—but most sites are made up of many pages. Pages are connected to each other with links, which can be text or images.

See how the pointer changes to a hand over this word? That means it's a link to another webpage. If you click it, you'll go to that page.

To return to a page you've already looked at, you click the Back button. And to return to the page that you see when you start your web browser, you click the Home button.

If you're looking for information but don't know where to start, you can search the web. You type a few words or a phrase in the Search box about a topic that interests you. Be as specific as you can. Then, click here.

A list of search results appears. Note that you can change which search engine Internet Explorer uses to provide results. When you find a search result that seems relevant, click the link to go to the webpage shown in the result.

When you discover a webpage that you'd like to return to regularly, you can save it as a Favorite so you don't have to remember its address. You click this button, and then click Add to Favorites. After you click Add, it's in your Favorites list. To get to the Favorites list, you click this button. Here's the page we just added.

To open and quickly move between several webpages at once, you can use tabbed browsing. You click here to add a new tab. Type the address for the page you want, and then you can switch between your webpages just by clicking the tabs.

A web browser is the only tool you need to explore the web and get quick access to your favorite sites.