How do I stop a file from synchronizing to a device in Windows Media Player?

If your device syncs automatically with Windows Media Player and you want to exclude a particular file from synchronizing to the device, you can choose to skip the file. You have several options for skipping files:

  • Delete the file from the device. If you delete a file from your device and that file is part of a playlist that syncs, Windows Media Player will skip the file the next time you sync your device. This ensures that the file will not reappear on the device.

  • Delete a file from a subscription service from your computer. If you have a subscription service through an online store, a playlist that syncs to your device may include subscription files. When you delete one of these files from your computer, the Player will skip the file in the next sync, even if a playlist that syncs to your device includes the file. If you want, you can sync the file again. See the procedure on how to allow a skipped file to sync again in this topic.

  • Remove a file that has an error condition. If a file can't sync due to an error condition, you can try to resolve the problem so that the file can sync successfully. Or, you can prevent the Player from trying to sync the file again by clicking the Error button Picture of the Error button that appears next to the file in the Sync list, and then clicking Skip This File Every Sync. You can also skip all other files with the same error condition by clicking Skip All Files with This Error Every Sync.

To allow a skipped file to sync again

Using the Sync tab of the Player, you can see which files you have skipped for a device and allow the files to sync again. Note that this is only possible if the files you skipped are still part of a playlist that the device syncs automatically.

  1. Connect the device to the computer, and then click the Sync tab. If sync doesn't start automatically, click Start Sync.

  2. Once sync is complete, in the Navigation pane, click the device, and then click Sync Results.

  3. In the Details pane, click the Status column to sort by status. Files that you have skipped are sorted together.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To allow a file to sync again, click the Information button Picture of the Information button and then click Sync This File. Or, drag the file from the Details pane to the List pane.
    • To allow all skipped files to sync again, click the arrow below the Sync tab, point to the device, and then click Sync Previously Skipped Files.