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Add friends from social networks

You can add friends from other social networks to People. Unfortunately, you can no longer add your Facebook contacts to your account. For more information, please go to Facebook Connect is no longer available.

  1. Go to

  2. Under Add people to your contact list, click a service (e.g. Twitter, Google, etc.)

  3. Follow the instructions to add the service.

To remove a social network from

  1. Go to

  2. In the top right, Connected to shows which social networks are connected to your account. Click on the social network that you want to remove.

  3. For Twitter, clear the checkbox next to See Twitter contacts and their Tweets.
    – Or –
    For LinkedIn, clear the checkbox next to See LinkedIn contacts and their updates.
    – Or –
    For other social networks, clear the appropriate checkbox.

  4. Click Save.

To import contacts using a CSV file (a format other programs commonly use for exporting data), click Import from file.


  • To dismiss the Add People to your contact list pane, click No, thanks. To reopen it, click Manage, then click Add people.

For more help with sharing and social updates, contact customer support.

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