Create panoramas and collages and fuse photos

With Photo Gallery, you can create a panoramic landscape photo by stitching several photos together, or put a group of related photos together in a collage. And you can create the perfect group photo by combining the best parts of two or more photos into one using Photo Fuse.

To create a panorama

  1. Take a series of photos from a single vantage point so that each photo overlaps the one preceding it and import them into Photo Gallery.

  2. Select the photos you're going to use, and on the Create tab, in the Tools group, click Panorama. Photo Gallery will align the photos and combine them into a new composition.

  3. To crop a finished panorama, on the Edit tab, in the Adjustments group, click Crop.

To create a collage

  1. Select seven or more photos that you'd like to group together in a collage.

  2. On the Create tab, in the Tools group, click Auto Collage.
    – or –
    Click the Auto Collage dropdown menu to choose the collage size and layout you want.

To fuse photos

  1. Select two or more photos taken from the same scene and vantage point.

  2. On the Create tab, in the Tools group, click Photo Fuse.

  3. Click the area of the photo you want to replace, and then drag one of the points to adjust the size of this area.

  4. Click the replacement photo that you like best, and then click Save.

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