Windows Media Player error C00D10DA

Windows Media Player can't burn the selected files to the CD.

Things to try:

  • Clean the disc, make sure it isn't damaged, and then try again.

  • Use a different brand of blank discs.

  • Close other open programs, and then try again.

  • Select a slower recording (write) speed for the CD burner (recorder), and then try again.

    To select a slower recording speed

    1. Click the Start button Picture of the Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Media Player.
      If the Player is currently open and you’re in Now Playing mode, click the Switch to Library button Picture of the Switch to Library button in the upper-right corner of the Player.
    2. In the Player Library, click the Burn tab.

    3. Click the Burn options button Picture of the Options button, and then click More burn options.
      • Select a slower burn speed.