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PicsArt - Photo Studio icon
An all-in-one photo editor and drawing tool.
GT Racing 2 The Real Car Experience icon
A true-to-life automotive journey with 67 licensed cars.
Hotel Tonight icon
  • Book last minute hotel rooms at killer rates.

Left in the Dark No One on Board icon
A hidden-object puzzle-adventure game with a mysterious ambiance.
Mega Run icon
An epic adventure with eye-popping cartoon graphics.
Blitz Brigade
Find teammates. Pound your enemies. Call them mean names.
Remote Desktop icon
Connect to a remote PC and your files from almost anywhere.
Modern Combat 5 Blackout icon
Fast-paced missions with intense challenges from Tokyo to Venice.

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24Reader Basic Channel
Download all the ebooks from over 200 publishers with one monthly subscription.
Facebook icon
The official app. Stay in touch, get updates, and chat.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas icon
The infamous wide-open world of urban crime, optimized for Windows.
  • Instant messenging, with free Emoji and 130 million users.

Apple Daily
Apple Daily application, also provides the primary content of the newspaper.
Towngas provides recipes and other services, including online enquiry and meter report.

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