Get things done

Windows 8, Windows RT

Get things done

Get things done

No matter where you are, or what Windows 8 or Windows RT device you're using, you can sign in and do a lot, such as: schedule appointments, send mail, work on a presentation, brainstorm together in a video call, or just spend quality time with your friends’ social updates. You can even do two things at once, all on the same screen.

Get things done using:

  • SkyDrive . Share any file with whomever you choose, and they can work on your files from any computer using a web browser and free Office Web Apps.

  • Skype . With both Skype to Skype video calls and chat, you can stay in touch with anyone, on almost any device, pretty much anywhere in the world, for free.

  • Email and calendar. Streamline your activities. Bring all your accounts together so you can see all your email and events in one central spot.

  • Apps. Learn how to use this great multitasking technique to use more than one app at a time.

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Put the things you use most on Start so they’re one tap or click away.

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