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Clutter-free inbox

Here's how to keep your Outlook.com inbox clutter-free and organized using Filter, Sweep, Schedule cleanup, and instant actions.


To filter your messages, tap or click View and then select one of the filter categories. For example, click Unread to see your unread messages, click Social updates to see messages that come from social networking sites like Facebook, or click Newsletters to find and clean newsletters out of your inbox.

Filter view of newsletters in Outlook.com


Use Sweep to move all email messages from a specific sender into a folder. Select a message from a specific sender in your inbox, tap or click Sweep, and then click Move all from. On the next screen, select the folder you want to move the messages into. Or choose New folder to create a new folder for them.

Sweep options in Outlook.com

Select the Also move future messages check box to automatically move new email messages from that sender into the same folder.

To delete all email messages from a specific sender, select a message, tap or click Sweep, and then click Delete all from. On the next screen, select the Also block future messages check box to delete all new messages from the email address, and then tap or click Delete all.

Schedule cleanup

Schedule cleanup automatically moves or deletes email from a specific sender after 10, 30, 60, or 90 days so you'll only see more recent messages.

Schedule cleanup options in Outlook.com

You can also choose to file messages from specific senders immediately so they go right into a folder and never get to your inbox. Here's how to use Schedule cleanup:

  • Choose an email in your inbox, then tap or click Sweep.

  • Tap or click Schedule cleanup.

  • Choose the options that work best for you.

Instant actions

With Outlook.com instant actions, you can flag messages for follow-up, delete them, or mark them as read with one click. You can also create and add your own instant actions, or remove the ones that you don't want.

To use instant actions, point to an email and then click the icon for the action you want. When you point to the icon you'll see text that tells you the action it corresponds to.

Cursor pointing to an email and highlighting instant action icons in Outlook.com

You can also customize instant actions. Click the Options icon Options icon, and then click Options. Under Customizing Outlook, click Instant actions and choose which instant actions you want to see when you're in your inbox.

Customize instant actions screen in Outlook.com

If you don't want to see the instant actions, clear the Show instant actions check box.

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