ASUS X402 / X502

This highly stylized notebook is built for touch—which means you’re ready to get down to business.

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ASUS X402 / X502

Get ready to tap, swipe, and type. The new Windows 8 interface is at your fingertips.

The best type

ASUS X402 / X502

Hit all the right keys with an ergonomic keyboard design that makes typing faster and more efficient.

Instantly on, instant access

ASUS X402 / X502

Get to work as soon as you open your laptop. Instantly on and always accessible, the ASUS X402 and X502 waste no time waking up.

Tech specs

Battery life

6.5 hours


X402: 1.57 kg
X502: 1.86 kg


X402: 339 x 235 x 21.7 mm
X502: 383 x 253 x 21.7 mm

Screen size and resolution

X402: 14", 1366 x 768
X502: 15", 1366 x 768



Hard drive size

X402: 320 GB
X502: 500 GB


Up to 4 GB


Intel Chief River 17W CPU



All technical specs have been provided by the PC manufacturer. Technical specs, including variations in color, vary by retailer and by country or region.

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