See your pictures as a slide show

You can view your pictures as a full-screen slide show. When you do this, you can choose which pictures you want to appear in your slide show, and you can also control the speed at which your slide show plays.

Watch this video to learn how to see your pictures as a slide show (0:52)

To see your pictures as a slide show

  1. Open the Pictures library by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Pictures.

  2. Click a folder that contains your pictures, and then click Slide show.

    Your pictures will begin to play full-screen as a slide show—starting with the first picture in the selected folder.

  3. To stop playing the slide show, press ESC or right-click the slide show as it plays, and then click Exit.

Using the slide show controls

Slide shows run automatically, so you don't need to use the mouse or keyboard to move from one picture to the next. However, if you want to control the slide show, you can do so at any time by right-clicking the slide show to display a menu with control options, and then clicking one or more of the slide show options. For example, you might want to make the pictures appear in a random order, go backward or forward, pause the slide show, change the speed of the slide show, or exit to stop playing the slide show.

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