Move your custom domain to Office 365 no longer offers support for custom domain management. To manage custom domains, use Office 365, the premium online service from Microsoft, which includes enterprise-class mail, collaboration and communication tools.

Windows Live Admin Center and the website were retired in July 2014. Custom domain administrators can no longer use Windows Live Admin Center to add or remove email accounts in your domain. Custom domain account holders can continue to use and other Microsoft services with their existing email accounts. No data has been lost.

Domain administrators who want to continue managing email addresses in their domain should migrate to Office 365—it has everything you need to manage email, calendars, contacts, documents, and team sites for your custom domain. Whether you’re using your custom domain for a small organization or a larger business, Office 365 will work from anywhere, across youir devices, and deliver a consistent, fast experience for all your domain account holders. For more information about the subscriptions, review the Office 365 comparison guide.

Moving to Office 365

If you buy a subscription to Office 365, follow these steps to start the service:

  1. Save the URL in your domain registrar that your MX record currently points to (for example, If you later decide to switch back to, you'll need this record.

  2. Move your domain. Get more info on how to Add your domain to Office 365.

    If you need additional assistance with moving your domain, see Troubleshoot problems after changing your domain name or DNS records.

  3. Move your custom domain account holder data.

    Custom domain account holders can continue to use their email addresses to use other services that require a Microsoft account, such as Windows 8.1, Xbox, OneDrive, and Skype.

    After you have set up your custom domain in Office 365, email sent to your account holders will arrive in Office 365 instead of in Existing email already delivered to will remain there.

    Your custom domain account holders have the option to move their email history, contacts, and calendars from their inboxes to their new Office 365 accounts. Each individual account holder must move their own data. As domain administrator, you'll need to instruct your account holders to move their email, if they want.

    Each account holder can follow these steps to move their email:

    1. Sign in to your Office 365 account at or

    2. On the top menu bar, click the settings icon Office 365 settings icon, and then click Office 365 settings.
    3. Click software, select a Language, and then click install.

    4. Once Office 2013 is installed, configure Outlook 2013 with the new Office 365 account info.

    5. In the section Use Outlook to move information between accounts follow the directions to export data from the desktop version of Outlook into Office 365.

    6. See Help users move email and contacts into a new Office 365 for business account for more information.

    For more information regarding the Outlook Web App, go to

If your account holders need assistance, please ask them to contact you as the domain administrator. Then, you can contact support through the Office 365 community.

If you're managing multiple domains, the Office 365 service supports the addition of up to 900 separate domains. Get info on attaching multiple domains to the service.

Continuing with as your email service

If you decide that Office 365 doesn't meet your needs, your domain account holders will continue to have access to and other Microsoft services with their existing email accounts. No data has been lost. Custom domain administrators are no longer able to add or remove email accounts for your domain or change passwords for account holders.

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