Keep your kids safer on the PC

Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1


This tutorial shows you how to use Microsoft family features to create accounts for your kids which you can add to your family, and they can use to sign in to their devices. When your kids sign in with own accounts, they have the freedom to personalize their desktop and explore apps and games. And when you've added them to your family at, you'll be able to choose the additional limits and permissions you want your kids to have.

After you add kids to your family, you can help make sure that they aren't running into anything that's inappropriate for them to see online, set screen time limits to make sure they're balancing their time wisely, you'll get activity reports about the websites they're visiting, what they're searching for, and what apps and games they're using—all of which are great ways to start conversations with your kids about staying safe and building good habits.

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