Sony VAIO Tap 20

Introducing a new type of home entertainment PC with a big 20-inch screen that enables fun, smooth, multitouch operation. Say goodbye to your old home PC and enjoy a wide range of entertainment with this new giant tabletop PC.

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Available at these retailers

Image of Sony VAIO Tap 20

Upright or reclined

Sony VAIO Tap 20

The revolutionary seamless stand on the Sony VAIO Tap 20 gives you a full range of movement from 15–90 degrees so you can customize the angle to best fit your needs. Sit down at your desk and use it like a traditional desktop or stretch out on the couch and use it as a tablet. It's as versatile as you need it to be.

Make every seat the best in the house

Sony VAIO Tap 20

Forget gathering around the TV. The innovative “Lay Flat” style enables multiple people to play games or surf the web simultaneously on a single, wide-view screen that looks beautiful from any angle.

Conversation piece

Sony VAIO Tap 20

With its rounded form and matte finish, the Sony VAIO Tap 20 is a thing of beauty that will complement your home decor and personal style. Don't be surprised if this eye-catching PC becomes a gathering place for family and friends alike.

Ready when you are

Sony VAIO Tap 20

With the built-in battery on the Sony VAIO Tap 20, you don’t have to worry about shutting down and booting back up ever again.

Tech specs

Battery life

Up to 3 hours


About 5 kg


500 mm x 400 mm x 40 mm

Screen size and resolution

20.0", 1600 x 900



Hard drive size

500 GB


4 GB


Intel ULT processor (up to Core i7)


Integrated GPU

All technical specs have been provided by the PC manufacturer. Technical specs, including variations in color, vary by retailer and by country or region.

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