What is Photo Gallery?

Photo Gallery is a photo organizer that you can use to view, manage, share, and edit digital photos and videos. All of the photos in the My Pictures folder on your hard drive—including those that you've just imported—appear in Photo Gallery, and you can also add other folders on your hard drive to Photo Gallery. You can add photos to Photo Gallery by importing them from a digital camera or memory card, acquiring them with a scanner, downloading them from an album on OneDrive, or adding existing photos from a CD, DVD, or your hard drive.

Other features offered by Photo Gallery include:

  • Quickly find your photos and videos. Photo Gallery displays all of your photos in one place and makes it easy to view them by name, date, tag, and other criteria.

  • Edit and enhance your photos. In Photo Gallery, you can combine your photos into panoramic views, add captions, and edit photos.

  • Import, view, and manage video files. You can import video files from digital video cameras, CDs and DVDs, and from existing locations on your hard drive.

  • Get creative with photos and videos. Make stunning panoramas from collections of photos, use Photo Fuse to improve group photos, make movies and slide shows from still photos and videos, and more.

  • Share your photos and videos. Publish your photos on OneDrive, create online slide shows, and email your photos and videos to your friends. Photo Gallery also helps you publish your photos and videos online to websites such as Facebook and Flickr.


  • In Windows Vista, the My Pictures folder and the My Videos folder are called the Pictures folder and the Videos folder.

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